Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Season Wrap Up

Well, it was one of those weekends in San Diego where all our teams lost. The Padres, Aztecs, and Chargers all stumbled.

The Padres were simply outclassed and man-handled by the Cardinals. As a friend said to me, its tough when you live up to low expectations and that is what the Padres did. But so did the Yankees, Redsocks, and the Atl. So, go figure.


Now, of course the real work begins and KT's task is nothing short of Sisyphus pushing the preverbal stone up the hill. Ton of free agents, and two very expensive, no trade clause-type contracts belonging to two mediocre players whose contributions this year were marginal. That be Klesko and Park who combine for a whopping 20 million or a third of the team's payroll. That is a tough problem.

Off the top of my head:

Hernandez, gone-Olivo in
Giles, gone
Hoffman, returns, too much invested in this guy. Would you trade TG, no?
Randa, gone Boroughs is the man

2006 line up:

Roberts CF
Loretta 2b
Klesko 1b
Free-Agent, with a big right-handed bat-RF
Boroughs 3b
Johnson LF
Greene SS

Inspiring lineup, no?

If I were KT, I would go young. I would stop overpaying near has-been players coming off the last career year they'll ever have.

Giles is a perfect example of a guy who will get too much from some team hoping he's the second comming, only to find two years into his 5-year 20 mil deal, he can't hit the outside fastball. Then your stuck, a al Klesko.

I would make a committment now to the farm. I think Sandy has this in mind. The Atl is a great example to follow.

Padretalk Future

Its been a blast writing this blog, which was started on a whim. The goal of the blog was to be a fan and bellyache about stuff and for the most part, that is what Padretalk is about.

For next year, I'm going to add more links and information to attract more readers, you know, do the blog marketing thing.

Until spring, I'll blog occasionally when the Padres surface, and since I'm also a Charger fan, might blog about them a bit.

Gee, think I should change the blog name?

See you all soon.

Go Padres!!!

Padre Mike


1. Its heartening to see the Redsocks loose in 3. Either we are not that bad or the Whitesocks are really good. Hmmmm.
2. Now, I'm an Angel fan, although the Cards seem like a class act.
3. Talk about your frequent flyers, NYC, LAX, O'Hare all in three days. Oh, and three intense ball games too. No wonder Bartello was tired. Give it to the kid. Go Angels.


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