Wednesday, April 19, 2006

11 innings, Countless Pitching Changes, 14 MLOB...

And for what, a lose. Baseball kills me sometimes.

1. Bellhorn is fat and sloppy and looked terrible at the plate. Is that guy really a second sacker? Gees, disgusting. Were is his chin?

2. Giles was clearly trying to fill the inside gap and blowup the full back to stuff the take out the catcher who was a third of the way to the pitchers mound. The Ump made the correct call. Aggressive is good. Aggressive and smart is better.

And the Denver Post had this quote from the Rocky manager:

"I had a real good angle on it, but I'll keep the opinions to myself," Hurdle said. "We'll see how this thing plays out. ... We play them 14 more times. I think the replay speaks for itself. Danny was in a very precarious position."

Yes, a not so disguised threat. Does Giles get it in the ear today? What an asshole.

3. Khalil needs to wake up. That passive-about-all-things act is getting tired. And feel free to work in a line drive every now and then, maybe with runners in scoring position.

4. Marybelly, or should I say Maryback, was obviously hurting at the plate and should not be up there. Maybe Bruce had no choice. Anyone with lower back problems could see the guy was hurting.

1. Hensley looked pretty good. Not sure why he was taken out. I think managers tend to be quick on the trigger at Coors and who can blame them.

2. Loved Ben's aggressiveness at the plate. He struck out on Joe Table's high heat with ducks on the pond (rookie mistake), but looks like the kid can play.

3. Mike muscled a line drive into right center that was a cannon shot. The center fielder just turned and started chasing it. Nice if Mike starts hitting a little. But Mike, got to work on that conditioning. Winded after a 180 ft sprint is embarrassing especially when you aren't moving that fast.

OK, day game today, so will be Gamedaying it from the office and participating in the IGD at DS when I can.

Lets win this one and go over 500 on the road trip.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Tough series with the Mets coming up. They are good, even better then the Atl and its a four-game series. A split would be great.

2. Going to the game next Monday as part of the kids school thingy. Cheap seats all the way, but should be fun.

Training Notes:
1. Struggled through 4.5 miles yesterday, dog tired the entire way. One day its 20, a few days later, 5 is tough. The ups and downs of training.

2. Sister is going to run the last 6 miles with me in June. I told not to expect a lot of pleasant conversation.


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