Thursday, April 06, 2006

First Lose of the Season

There are going to be a lot of those. Even the best teams lose 60 games. Hell, we lost 82 games last year and made the playoffs.

(Ouch, Padre Mike, no need to bring that up.)

Day off today, according to the schedule.

Giant 1-2 Punch, Nice
I didn't realize it was that Matt Morris, of the Cardinals Matt Morris. Hell, when did the Giants pick him up? Three years $27 million according to the SF Chronical and of course, they were pleased with last nights results. Schmit and Morse, not a bad 1-2 punch.

Gonzales Shines
What can you say about the kid other then thank god for Klesko's bad wing, or we might not have seen this kid and his terrific start. Nearly hit for the cycle last night, although I can't find the single in the box score. Still learning to read a box score I guess.

Ryan's Bad Wing
Looks like surgery for the Big Hughy. The UT as a coupla stories about it. Klesko is still thinking about it, apparently. Second cortisone shot isn't working. He might be back by Sept if ever. Reading his quotes, I get the feeling he knows he persona non grata among fans, especially with the hot start from AG. I keep thinking about the 9 million dollars he is pulling this year (55K a game) and how we could have paid that to Matt Morris instead and had a legit 1-2 punch. Imagine Peavy then Matt Morris. It's not Klesko's fault, but he should have had surgery in Nov, damnit, so he'd be healing right now and be a contributor by June and trade bait in July (sorry for the cussing).

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Doesn't Barry walk like Bill Buckner used to (presumably still does) on those bad knees. Hell, my knees ache watching him on TV from my couch. Come on Alou, put Barry at first for fun.

2. Bases loaded and no runs is a sin in baseball. That was the Padre seventh. RLOB was my pet peavy last year and I know its early, but I hope we are not seeing that again.

3. BTW, Bochy the over-manager, leave it alone. Sticking Bellhorn in there instead of Sledge is tinkering too much with the dynamics of an inning. Let the kid swing away in that situation. And to hell with matchups. Christ, if Bochy had his way, Klesko would be at first and the Giants would have won 3 nothing.

4. You know I hate ball players for the insane money they make. The NC TImes has a piece on the highest earners this year. Any guesses? Grrrrrrr!


At April 06, 2006 8:44 AM, Blogger Padre Mike said...

You know its really Padre Mike adding comments. Is that pathetic or what. Its just that there are some excellent Padre blogs out there and its hard to compete. So I'm trying to ad a little extra. More links, do a little digging, but man this stuff takes time. My boss might not be too happy.

At April 11, 2006 5:08 AM, Anonymous Ice Mac said...

Bagwell makes 19 mil?! That's outrageous. It's good, however, to see the Yanks trimming their budget down to the bare minimum, under 200 million.
Good point about those millions lost on Klesko, Padre Mike. We could have bought some real pitching for that much, instead of over-optimistically hoping for Chris Young and Brazelton(?!) to magically fulfill their supposed potential.
The entire Pad squad seems to be slumping now. When the lowly Rockies destroy you, I guess you gotta get downhearted a bit. I believe the Pads will bounce back, tho, so I will stay tuned...


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