Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Padre Team: I hardy recognize ye.

Well, there have certainly been a great deal of changes to the Padre ball club, some good, some head scratchers (Lorretta). But for a team like the Pads, these aggressive off season moves are good.

We have new blood at the top with Sandy and now see new blood on the field. Oh, sorry Cameron, I should say new butts on the bench.

There a many Padres bloggers breaking it all down for fans, so I won't bother, except to say (now that the Chargers are done), that I feel some excitement about the possibilities for 2006.

As we get closer to spring training I start warming up the Padre fan snark machine.

Hope your holidays are good and safe.

Padre Mike


At January 09, 2006 10:47 AM, Anonymous Ice Mac said...

Mike, how would your lineup card look for the Padres? Here's one:

1 - LF Roberts
2 - 2b Young? The 2-spot will be difficult this year. I mean, who makes consistent contact (few K’s) and hits for average? We have just begun to miss Loretta. We want Barfield to develop with lots of playing time, of course, but batting second means moving the runner and setting the table for Giles, too pivotal a role for learnin' a rookie.
3 - RF Giles
4 - CF Cameron (big RBI year)
5 - 1b Klutzko/ *I'd love to see Adrian Gonzalez and McAnulty pressure Klesko into a season worthy of his pay.
6 - 3b Blum/ Vinny
7 - C Mirabelly
8 - SS Khalil
9 - P Peavy

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