Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Padres 6 Giants 1-Win Opener

Aw, if only this were the end of the baseball season, we all have good feelings about this team.

Padres done real good yesterday in the home opener against the Giants. Peavy was Peavy, Piazza was Piazza, and Khalil was Khalil? Three RBIs including a two-run, no doubt about it into the second deck in left HR from the lad, but we've come to expect that from our Jeff Spicoli shortstop, right?

Barfield looked pretty good, got his first hit and scored a run. His swing though, not sure that is gonna get the job done. TG on the telecast said Barfield doesn't "load up" on his swing which makes it tough to hit the curve. And it will take pitchers about a second to figure that out; like probably tonight he gets a steady diet of curve balls.

But the most impressive guy was AG at first base. Coupla hits and a nice play at first going to his right and picking the ball and an easy toss to Peavy covering. Not much was said about the play, it was a simple play, but you could tell the guy was smooth with soft hands.

As a fan, AG should be given the job at first base and Klesko should have his surgery or retire.

Ok, that was fun, now only 161 games to go. By the time we finish, it'll be October (hopefully November), summer will have passed, Labor day gone, and the quick slide into Christmas will have begun. Kids back in school and all of us a little older.

Baseball is like an old friend returning for the summer, to hang out for a few hours each day, most days. So, like life, lets take it one game at a time.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Love the juxtaposition (pardon my French) of Mike P going yard, then a few innings latter, Khalil going yard as if to do Mike one better. There could not be two more different guys on the planet.

2. Shot of Trevor in the bullpen late in the game, he looked fired up, geeked up, ready to make his famous entrance only to have to sit down as the Padres put the game out of save range. Probably something akin to blue balls if you ask me. But he's a pro, yeah?

3. Bochy just could not resist the double-switch. He'd really be an excellent All Star game manager, no?

4. And lastly, the Padres did yesterday what they could not do all of last year, get hits with men in scoring position as in the fifth and sixth innings. That is how to win a Petco, and a coupla dingers doesn't hurt either.


At April 05, 2006 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, PM.


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