Thursday, September 29, 2005

Padres NL West Champs, Oh Doctor!

Today's Quickies:

1. Love the Patrone Teqkillyou being passed around the locker room last night by Ficky, Except one thing Fickster, don't pour the stuff in the manager's eyes, unless you want to miss the playoff roster.

2. KT gave a shout out to former Padres who helped the team during the season then were traded. I thought this show a lot of class. He mentioned Darrel May, but he was obviously referring to Phil as well.

3. OK, OK, its a cliché to that gorgeous women attach themselves to rich dudes, but seeing the wives last night only added to the legend. Goddamned there were some hotties on the field. Its a boys game, but pretty much all those dudes are making millions.

4. Thought the Klesko interview was the best. He seemed a sincere type of dude and I'd never heard him talk before. Lets hope he closes some of the holes in his swing for the playoffs.

5. Pedro for President (stole that from Matty). Off the strap heap to be a home town hero. Only in baseball. I guess that change of scenery thing might be true, unless your name is Phil. Is there a more twitchy, wiggly, pitcher in baseball? No, but what ever it takes.

6. The morning guys and 1090 asked, where was Khalil Greene after the game? Good question. My daughter wanted to know too. Guess the guy doesn't like champagne in his eyes. Hey Greene, I have some goggles you can borrow. I guess to each his own.

Special Night for Dad

The game ended about 10:15, my son and daughter where already in bed, mom too. So I got the kids up in their PJs and we sat on the couch and watched a little Trevor Time together. My 10 year old boy is just starting to understand the game and my 12 year old daughter liked watching a bunch of crazy people squirt champagne on each other. Its was a father+daughter+son+Padre moment. Thanks, Padres.

Possible Winning Record

With four games remaining, we can still finish with a winning record by taking three. I think that is important to the guys, but they may let down because of fatigue. A winning record would be nice.


We will be playing the Bud Birds (barring a Philly miracle) and they are a little beat up with injuries. Its kinda like the Chargers and New England Sunday. We could win if we play a good game and get a little lucky. We'll have our best in Peavey and so will the Cardinals in Carpenter and that's what the playoffs are all about.


Padre Mike

Monday, September 26, 2005

Chargers Win! (1-2)

Magic Number: 4
# for a winning season: 5
Games up on Giants: 4

Is there any reason I should spend time writing about the most frustrating of all Padre teams? So I won't.

The Chargers played great of offense, decent on the D-side, and won the game on ESPN last night. Hopefully we can take the Mo into a killer, month long road trip through NE, Pit, Oak, Phil.

Our defensive secondary looks porous and if Eli can pick them apart, what will Brady, Rothlesburger, and McNabe do? May not be pretty.

This team reminds me of the Fouts era Chargers; every game is a horse race to the final line.

Eli certainly got an ear-full last night. All the life-frustration of 62K fans descending down of that poor boy's head. He actually played really well I thought.

OK, a Little Padre Talk

Didn't see either game, spent all weekend doing maintenance around the rental, crappy renters. But I heard enough to make me even more frustrated then ever. I know, I know, its a hard game, but at least the guys could perform the fundamentals well and they don't even do that.

Face it folks, the Giants are a threat. They are bringing Snow, Bonds, Alou to Petco to show us how to and at 4 games back, they could turn this into a race again. And Frankly, its what the damned Padres deserve if they can't play a little better. Peavy can't do everything!

Go Padres, a win tonight will reduces the Magic number to 2.

Padre Mike


1. Parking at Horton Plaza or Convention Center. One is $8 one is $10. Getting out of the game, we will all be tired, better to park close. Fathers have to keep these logistical plans going all the time or face miserable consequences. Crying kids, cranky wives.

2. Going to the Field tonight. Good place for a beer and a veggie burger. Not to mention faux Irish pub.

3. Be prepared for the Petmall Park rant tomorrow.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Pads Lose

Magic number: 6
# of wins for a winning season: 6
Number of games remaining: 10

So to have a winning season, we have to play above 500 for the remaining 10 games. Of course, if we clinch, then all bets are off as Bochy will rest guys for the playoffs. Hmmm, don't like my chances on this one.

Clinching on Monday?

OTOH, chances are decent that the Pads could clinch or possibly clinch Monday, when me and the family are going to the game. Its any combination of Pad wins and Gay Ant loses. Giants are in Denver for three and the Rocks are playing pretty good ball. Lets say they take the series with the Giants (2-1) and we take the series with the snake (2-1). The magic number would be two going into Monday night's game. That would be fun. Realistically though, I just want a chance to clinch on Monday. What fun!

Padres Poor Record
Padres are getting a lot of criticism for their record, but its unwarranted. Look, the divisional play rules say you win your division you go to the playoffs and the Padres are winning their division, plain and simple. Hey, we have no illusions down here about the type of team we have, mediocre at best, but are going to proudly fly the divisional banner next year, you bet.

Besides, if the Atl or Bud Birds are so much better, let them prove in the divisional series, and they probably will.

So, go Padres down in the AZ tonight.

Padre Mike


1. What to do with the Padres after the season. We are desperate for offense. Pitching is ok. Bully is fine. Dump Klesko and Giles, keep Poppy? Should be interesting to see. What I don't want to hear is, hey, we won the division so these players are good to go. Quiet possibly, the Padres could blow the budget just keeping current players around and not add anyone, making the team weak next year.

2. Could we please bring in the fences at Petmall Park, which is officially the hardest park to hit a dinger in, and not surprisingly, the Padres biggest problem is offense. They did it at the Jack Murphy, they can do it here. Split the difference. Aim for the middle of the list. Take the porch in right field and extend it all the way around with extra seats. Leave a space for people in the Park at the Park to see.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Crisp Win

Magic number: 7
Wins for a winning season: 6
Games left: 11

Nice win last night in Denver and hopefully an example of how the Padres can play when they get into the playoffs.

Funny Feeling

Hey, I'm starting to feel giddy about the playoffs. Poorest team in the playoffs, no doubt, but when you can combine the words "game" and "October" in the same sentence, its a good thing. Why, I haven't felt like this since the Padres clinched in mid September of aut 98.

And its looking more and more like the Houston Born Agains will win the WC. The Fish are fading and the Phillies, while keeping pace, have to do with a walk off grand slam in the 10th. Hou has a day game at Pitt and Phi has a day game at the Atl. Love to see Phi cut it down to 1.

I guess it matters. We want to play the Atl because we've played them well this season and the bud Birds look real tough this year.

He's So Cute!

Kalile (I'm gonna learn to spell that name someday), has been making Web Gems lately on Baseball Tonight. Last night, he had another great play going to his right. What's amazing to me is the arm. He's just a skinny kid, but what a hose. Oh, Fick at first with the nice pick.

My daughter wants to make a sign for Greene for the game on Monday. "Well, boy where do you plan to attend college and what medical school are you getting into?"

Other Stuff

So when we play heads up the Gay Ants and win, does that take two games off the magic number?

Day game today so see ya on Gameday and on Ducksnorts IGD, after yoga, of course.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. Peavy is the man, lets hope Eaton can follow suit. I think he can.

2. Roberts was on fire last night, don't think he's feeling it? Don't like those head first slides though. Noticed on the second triple his hand bounced hard of the ground a got momentarily pinned under his body. Hey Roberts, you can get your uni just as grimy sliding feet first.

3. When the Padres make the playoffs, we are going to hear a lot about how bad we are. Apparently, our Run Differential is particularly bad, see ducksnort for the details. But, hey it not our fault we are in a bad division this year. Usually the NL West is one of the toughest. It would be nice to win a few in the playoffs, though.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Three Steps forward, Twenty Steps Back

Well, that was fun, NOT!

But it does happen in baseball and at Coors Field. I winced when I saw Shawn out there. They were explaining that he pitched in Little League, in the Little League World Series twice. Guys can ruin their arms trying to pitch in games like that.

The good news I got a little work down around the house becuase the game was so bad. Poured a little more leveling cement on the livingroom floor to prep for the flooring. Also added some more jiont compound to a new wall I put up. And my wife gave me our first home haircut and saved $18 in the process.

Got them tomorrow, Padres. Peavy should do the trick as long as his shoulder isn't hurtung.

Go Padres!

Now That's a Spicy Meatball!

Magic Number: 8
Games Left: 13
# of wins for a winning season: 6

Lack of Leadership

Its fun when they hit, no? Padres win in a crazy one at Coors, 7-8. Greene has two dingers and some great glove work. Could the lad be taking this team on his narrow shoulders? Somebody has to. Klesko can't hit anymore, Hernandez is too worried about his hair, and Giles would rather show off his shirtless bod, then lead. Don't get me wrong, Giles and Poppi are playing well and hitting, but are not natural leaders. Klesko is hitting and doesn't lead either.

Hey, hey, Padre Mike no need for that. Why criticize when the Pads seem to be playing better?

Your right, I joke I kid. Just having some fun.

But its been my personal theory that the Padres don't have a leader. Nevin was the leader, a cranky one, but a leader, but since his departure, there has been a vacuum that sucked the offensive life out of this team. And you, dear Padre faithful, wondered were the offense went. Into the leadership vacuum, my son, the leadership vacuum, of course.

USA Today Article

USA Today (Click Here) had a nice write up on the Padres, I thought. They dinged us for being a bad team, but pointed out that we are happy to be leading the NL West despite our record. Beats meaningless games in September any day and we have all seen plenty of those. They also pointed out that the Padres are 9-4 against the ATL and Bud birds this year and that the playoffs feature pitching and Eaton and Peavy are pretty good.

Hitting Observations

Nady, your swing is way to long. I know you are a power hitter, but shorten up a bit until your batters eye gets better. Out of six zones in your swing, five of them are good for a strike.

Same with you Klesko, although you cover more plate then Nady, that big, long swing isn't working anymore. Make an adjustment and shorten you stroke. Your not as young as you used to be.

Yes, both guys are dragging the bat through the zone. Bonds chokes up on the bat and he's a decent hitter.

Hey, lets have some more fun tonight. Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. Greene's second dinger looked like a popup on the TV. Guess that thin air helps in Denver. At Petco, that would have been an infield popup.

2. Darn, not that I want to see a rain out, but if the boys were home last night, it might have happened. I'm so glad our Hurricanes stay out in the ocean. We have the cold Pacific to thank for that. Rain is such an unusual occurence to a San Diegian, we just get all giddy.

3. Like playing Klesko at Coors. Maybe he can get some confidence back. Realize this, Giles has had little protection all year because Klesko sucks.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Seat of Your Pants

Two wins at the last possible moment. Thank you Green, thank you DC first basemen. Don't go home early on this team.

Well, now Padre baseball and the NBA have something in common. Nothing interesting happens until the last moments. Just tune in during the ninth and enjoy the fireworks! Only in baseball, folks, only in this strange season.

Magic number is 9. I'm going to the game next Monday. Could that be the night we clinch? It would be fun if it was a possibility.

Four with the Rocks in Denver, then the Az return to SD. I'm sure the boys are tired but they gotta keep playing. Baseball truly is a grind, no?

And what happened to the Chargers? I donnu, but I think they'll be OK, or not.

Well, as we get closer to the playoffs, I'll take a 500 club winning a crappy division anytime. This is fun! And who gives a rats ass what the rest of the country thinks.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. Well the Phillies or fish better get their asses in gear if they want the Wildcard. The Houston Born Agains seem to be running away with it, which isn't good for us because it means playing the Bud Birds instead of the ATL.

2. Where should I park downtown for the game next Monday? We'll have the kids and plan on eating at the Irish pub downtown whose names escapes me, but its not the Blarney Stone. Ah, the Field.

3. Pedro pitched well yesterday, seven innings, and it looks like Park will go to the bully. So what did we get for Nevin? I guess we got...rid of the guy which is what KT really wanted.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Padres Survive

Sorry, been off at my other Blogs. The Roberts hearings are boring but interesting. Not everyday we get to see a possibly/likely Chief Justice on the hot seat.

Heard Ted saying that Wednesday's victory was the most important regular season game in the history of the Padres. Christ, can we get someone else on 1090 during afternoon drive time? I like Ted, but as a play-by-play guy, not a talk show host. What about Chris Ellow?

I'm worried about Peavy. Should we put him on the shelf until the playoffs? We need him for those games more then we need him now. Just a thought, Bochy.

I was trying to figure out who we want to win the Wildcard. I know this is an old discussion but.... we want to play the ATL, right? We've played them well this year. So the rule is, playoff teams can not play teams in their own divisions, so we need the Strows or the Phillies to win the wildcard. If the Fish win, then we play the bud birds and that might not be fun.

Speaking of Wildcards teams, the DC come to town tonight and are still in the hunt, just 5 ***CORRECTION - 2.5**** games back in the Wildcard race. Needless to say, they will be playing tough and so should we. Of course, we are lousy coming out of an off day, so hold on tight Padre fan.

Hey, going to another game compliments of my fifth grader. He's a crossing guard and they have crossing guard night at the old ball yard. Its the 26th again the Giants. Could be a key game, maybe like a clinching game, depending on how the next week goes.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


1. No more off days for the boys. We got the DC, the CO, the AZ, the Gigantes, and Dogbones. Mediocrity playing more mediocrity. What fun.

2. Don't get me wrong, sure beats playing out the string and being spoilers, like so many years past.

3. Why is it that Chris Ellow (spelling?) is always relegated to the weekends? I've not met a sports radio devotee who doesn't like Chris and his rap. If they can put Rome back on 1090, they can certainly promote Chris to drive time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More Lousy Ball

Lousy ball, Ugly ball, call it what you want, we lost, Giants look hot and we can't hit in the clutch with bases loaded with a pitcher on the rocks in the first damned inning. So what's new? We did score three runs, but a team capable hitting would have busted that pitcher wide open right there and then. Just ask BLaw.

And to add insult to injury, Bonds returned and nearly jacked one out on Eaton. Of course, he butchered a couple in left but he electrified a nearly catatonic Giant fan, energized a struggling Giant team, and gave ESPN at least 5 minutes of Barry time all at the expense of the sorry Padres.

Ok enough of that.

Since June, Padre Mike has tried to develop a ways of helping Padres fans to cope with the irony of being a crappy team in first place. We've tried wearing bags, or denial of the negatives or denial of the positives, accentuating the positives. None of these have worked.

So now I suggested we focused on something new to help us cope: finishing above 500. Currently, we are at 71-72, certainly not good enough. We have 19 games left. To get above 500 and shore up Padre fan's fragile psyche, the Pads have to win 11 games and lose 8. That is playing above 500 friends which we have not done since June.

We can only cross my fingers or rub your worry beads, or pray to your God, or rub your magic lamp, because we face a hot Gigantes, and the pesky Dogbones, and a tenacious Rockies. We have six with the AZ and the DC, where we might have a chance, but 13 are with teams we are having trouble with.

Is it possible that we might not win the NL West? Just asking.

If we do make the playoffs with a sub 500 record, will I curl up in the ball and whimper, no? But I might have to return to the bag.

Go Padres!


1. Watched the game with my 10 year old. Bonds comes up and I told my boy, as fathers are supposed to do, that Bonds is one of the greatest hitters of all time, then I mention he's also one of the biggest jerks too. Well, its true.

2. Three runs in the first from a pitcher who can not throw a strike is not enough. Bases loaded, twice. Whatever.

3. Sister called me from the game. At that time the Padres had the lead, so I bragged. This morning I have to call her and beg forgiveness.

4. Caught myself raging against Petco Park when compared to Pac SBC Bell Park last night to Ms. Padre Mike. Yes, dear. She's heard the rap before. Petco is a mall with a baseball field in the center. SBC Park, which I've been to several times thanks to my sister, is a cool, old style park right on the bay with a cool brick facade. Oh, and for some reason the front of SBC park faces a main street instead of a parking lot and rail yard, so that wehn you walk up, you see the front of the park. Gee, not sure why they did that. My wife, from NYC, has a theory. San Diego still has a small town architectural ideas and that's the kind of buildings we get. What a waste Petco is. Just another mall.

5. Gigantes-at first I thought they misspelled Giants on the jersey. I caught on after while, when Mud explained it. Hey, never claimed to be that bright.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ugly Ball at the Ravine

Well, not a great sports weekend in SD. Chargers loose a sloppy game to an inferior team and the Padre loose the series at the Ravine by returning to Ugly Ball.

Ugly ball means errors, Padre fans, 4 during the Dogbone series and those are just the plays that make the scorebook. There was numerous examples of sloppy play that led to runs. Point is, if this team wants respect going into the payoff, they have to do two things:

1. Finish above 500, which they are at currently going to the Giants tonight.
2. Play decent if not inspired baseball.
3. Win the division strongly by keeping our foot on the neck of the Dodgers and Giants.

Its pretty certain barring a complete collapse that we are going to win this pitiful division. But looking at the playoffs at either the ATL or St. Louis, the Padres don't stand a chance if they continue to make errors and play ugly ball.

The cliché is that anything can happen in the playoffs and the assumption is that the Padres will get hot like in May and start winning. But guess what, Padre fan, the ATL, SL, and the Wild Card team are playing very good ball, hitting, pitching, and defense. Facing these teams will be tough when we are playing well and disastrous if we continue with ugly ball.

So, pretty please, Padres, stop playing ugly ball.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Bonds returns tonight for the Padres and Giants tonight. Bochy has just one thing to do when Bonds gets into the box, four fingers.

2. Chargers lost but its the first game of the season. Takes a while to get going in the NFL. Defense needs a little work. What ever happened to Jammer? Must be feeling the pressure.

3. The Coach was interviewing some baseball hack concerning Bonds. Guy said Bond's had excellent bat speed. So once again, Bochy, please give Barry the four finger salute. Actually, I think we should pitch to the guy and see what he's got.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Roller Coaster Continues

Padres win 4-2 against the rocks in a fairy well-played game. At least it was watchable although again the Padres had a lot of LOBs.

So there is hope again, that maybe the boys will get hot again, maybe even a hot streak like we saw in May. Remember that? 20-6! That single month of success facilitated the entire season so far.

We've all been waiting for it. We've been teased with a couple a wins in a row, but nothing too hot. We have had a few cold runs like Mets, Phils road trip. Ouch! So every time the boys manage to win one, we think, "this could be it, the HOT Streak," only to be disappointed with an error-filled game the next day.

But, we did win and this could be the start of a hot streak, which would be nice to have during the next three in LA and three in SF.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike

1. Looking ahead to LA and SF, these are legit key games. Win most of them and the Padres have a boot-to-throat lead on the NL West. Loose them and its nail biting time, and the way this team plays in the clutch, I wouldn't bet on them if it the NL West goes to the last weekend.

2. Barry is returning, probably in time for SD next week. Well, it'll be fun watching him walk to first and try to steal a base. If I'm the manager, I do it on purpose to try to aggravate the knee and maybe see some bulging vains as he goes into roid rage. No, Padre Mike, that is not nice.

3. Carlos H returned last night. Well, I dunno. Is this guy an operator or what. Sees Olivo taking his spot and succeeding, so he comes back early. But went out for a "wrist Problem" because his agent told him to. Hmmmm, not sure I like this guy. But he sure has nice hair.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Return of Ugly Ball

Eeck!!! That was terrible! They call themselves major league ball players? And don't give me, "well, they had a bad game," or "its a long season," or "who cares, we are still in first place."

Personally, I have a paper bag over my head while writing this post and IF we make it to the playoffs, I'm gonna continue to wear the bag because we don't deserve to be there!

Never before have I been ashamed to be a Padre fan, not during the roughest of seasons, not when we were the doormats of the NL. But this year is different. The combination of the way we play and being in first is horrible and I am ashamed. I want to make excuses to ESPN and the NL East. There are teams playing their hearts out, gamers, major leaguers, playing above 500 ball fighting for the Wildcard, while we play like a double A farm team after call ups. Its humiliating.

And I certainly don't want to be in the playoffs playing like we did last night.

Imagine being in the ATL in front of a national audience representing the National League West and throwing the ball into the dugout for a two base error, or taking strike three to end the game, or the base running errors and fielding errors, all it for the world to watch, confirming the suspicion that we suck. I don't want to be a trivia question 30 years from now as the only team to play like crap and make the payoffs, especially when there are at least a half dozen more worthy teams that will be playing golf in Oct.

What do I want? How bout a 500 fricking season!

The Padres need to have paper bag night if they continue to play like this. Its humiliating to be a fan and probably worse to be a player. But they can at least control the errors and mental lapses, no?

But the Padres will probably win the next two games as is their pattern lately. Screw up the first game, win the next two. Then I'll be happy again.

Call me Yoyo Mike if you like. This season is giving me whiplash.

Go Padres and please play like major leaguers, my God.

Yoyo Mike

1. When Greene came up, my first thought was he has to work a walk. A walk with bases loaded, two outs, and a wild pitcher is your best bet for a tying run. But Greene struck but looking. The rule is never take a pitch that is across the plate, which that pitch clearly was. Way outside, way inside, take. But anything close, foul it off. Hope Greene learns from that AB. Liked him better when he was being aggressive. And the mellow "what, me worry" image he cultivates isn't working, especially with the game in the balance.

2. Olivo plays like a rookie. What is his history? Might not be that smart either.

3. I hear complaining about the lack of fan support at games. 20k last night even with the Vista Little League team honored before the game. But hey, its ugly baseball man. Nobody attends a beauty pageant for ugly people. Beside, it was the Rocks. They be out for the Giants and Dogbones, but probably with bags on their heads.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Godzilla Attacks Tokyo

Or so it seems if Bonds returns to the Giants for the last 20 games.

First off, what an asshole Bonds is, to return for the last part of a long season while the rest of the team has struggled for 140 games. If Bonds had played all season, the Giants might be leading the NL West and above 500. And don't give me that knee crap.

What a jerk, but we knew that already. If I may be nasty, guess the steroids are out of his system now.

It looks like the Giants are the team making a run at the Padres. Giants have won six straight, beat up LA yesterday, and are merely five games back. And now Bond may return.

Godzilla attacks!

As Joe Morgan pointed out on the LA v. SF ESPN game, bonds won't play everyday, but can come off the bench and force opposing managers to deal with him. We have 7 important games with the Giants, and Barry has been a Padre killer for a long time.

Watch out Tokyo!

But look, Padre fan, we are in a race now and our record be damned. We have to win some keys games here. We have to play better in the field. Something like 7 errors in Milkconsin will not get the job done for the remaining 26 games. Our hitting is on the raise and that is a good sign. Lets hope the pitching can hold on.

As Flannery said after the suicide squeeze to win the game last Sunday, teams now have nothing to loose. Colorado, the AZ, and the Dodger have nothing to loose, especially Colorado. We have to play better, or this freaky year will end in disaster.

So, go Padres! Its on the line guys. This is what you play for, a month full of meaningful games, no?

Padre Mike

1. Check out Ducksnorts travel log to Stockton. Guy is a good writer and tells an interesting story complete with pictures. $3.19 a gallon, sheet.

2. Tough week or so ahead, three at home with the Rocks, then away at LA and SF. Nail biting time, Padre fan.

3. Even at 500, its fun to be in the race. Last year we chased the Dodgers (how the mighty have fallen) and this year we are being chased. What fun. Be glad you don't live in Kansas City or Tampa.

4. How bout that fire on Black Mountain. The smoke, the smell, reminded me of the Cedar Fire. Thank god the winds were not blowing and no one was hurt.

5. Joe Morgan was also suggesting that the best team in the NL play the worst team like they do in the NFL. Its a reward for the best team. Interesting point, but lets get their first.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Padres Win!

Sorry, I've missed a couple a days. Been over at my other blog posting on New Orleans and Iraq.

Caution: Political Blog! I'm center-left and all that that implies. Don't want to alienate my Padres friends via politics.

But a nice win yesterday and I do think the Padres are feeling the charge of post season.

I was listening to the radio and Ted and Tim. Klesko drops that fly ball and Ted starts ragging on him. But then Tim steps in with his best, "you never played the game, Ted so keep your mouth shut," tone. Ted got the message and moved on. Nice work, Tim.

I, as a fan, though can rag on Klesko all I want. But we won the game, so I won't, cept to say, he caught the next fly ball hit his way and received an ovation from the Milkwalky (yes, I'm misspelling that on purpose) fans. Snark.

Oh joy, to start playing a little better and put the ugly ball of June, July, and Aug behind us; that would be great. Earn a little respect, and clinch before the last set with this dogbones.

September beings out two moods in baseball, anticipation and competition or resignation and hunting plans. I don't buy the spoiler role or the idea that baseball players are competitive at all times. Unless you are fighting for the playoffs, its hard to get it up game after game in Sept. This works in the Padres favor, especially if you can put some distance between us and the AZ/Dogbones.

I know Padre Mike is feeling it, so Go Padres.

Padre Mike

1. Dear Load Jesus in the sky, please forgive me for ragging on the Padres for three months. All is forgiven, I am repentant.
2. Hey, where was the Charger game? Posed to be on at 7 pm. Thought I was gonna get a double fix of sports last night. Blacked out, pre-season game?
3. Greene is the most unlikely of shortstops, no? I keep waiting for the collapse or a demotion, or for the dream to end. But he is the real thing. Imagine that, a surferboy look a like shortstop that can hit. Crazy. And my daughter thinks he's vute.