Thursday, May 25, 2006

Padres Loose Again

The Atl killed us last night with three home runs against Chris Young in the first three innings and various other offensive wonders that the Padres can only dream about. Apparently, the Atl love to play at Petco.

Young had a rough outing, curveball was not working, thumb cold, whatever.

Padres are now tied for the basement with the Giants and merely a single game above 500.

Padre Mike Breaks it Down
Roberts: Cold, when he gets on the Padres invariably score.

Cameron and Giles: Cold but they can't carry a team with at least some help.

Piazza: Warming with hits last night and his average is climbing, but there are eight other batters.

Castilla: Ice cold and over the hill. Low average and a coupla errors last night, although only one recorded, 3rd base has to be productive.

Josh: Hitting well but his fielding reflects the fact that he is a rookie.

Gonzales: Confused at the plate, continues to flash the leather but, like third, 1st base must be more productive at the plate.

Green: Strikes out too much yet leads the team in RBIs and HRs, which indicates the entire problem with the offense, your skinny, blond SS is your HR bomber and RBI leader. Go figure.

Summary: Piazza and Josh are the only guys hitting right now. Roberts, Giles, and Cammy are cold but will get hot. Gonzalas is struggling, Greene is an enigma, and Vinny is way past his prime.

All this spells the second worst batting avg in the NL West just ahead of the lowly Cubs.

Day Off
Time to regroup because the Cards are coming to town and they are a club that don't mess around.

It will be fun to see Albert, who has to constantly defend himself against steroid allegations despite the fact that he is probably clean...thank you Bonds and others.

We would have liked to enter the day off with a win like we did going into Seattle last week, but what can you do.

I think when the Padre bats heat up, we will start to win more games, but the Petco Curse has definitely returned.

Time to think small ball again, fellas, Petco ball.

Go Padres

Padre Mike


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