Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Pads 5, Snakes 6 (10)
That was a game the Padres should have won. Second basemen Josh Barfield pretty much wrecked a quality start by CHP with an error and some fumblin bumblin at second base.

Linebrink wrcecked everything too by gaving up a HR in the eighth to tie the game, then Barfield again blow it in the 10th when a ball bounced over his glove into center to score the winning run.

Snakes 6, Padres 5. Barfield 0. Linebrink 0. Padre fan 0. CHP ripped off.

Last night saw the Padres of last year, except for the Linebrink homerun part. IOWs, bad defense. In the second or third inning, Barfield personally gave the Snakes two extra outs and they made us pay with 4 runs.

Errors kill momentum, kill rallies, kill winning streaks, kill pitcher-confidence, kill seasons, and drive managers, GMs, fans, and players crazy. Barfield is a rookie and he needs a rest today.

Tonight's Battle
Tonight is an important battle for first place.

The Snakes are .5 games back.
The Snakes have also won four straight from the Padres. We don't want to be the Cubs to the Snakes.

So this is a statement game.

Are we good? Do we deserve the swagger? Is the league-leading fielding percentage a May fluke? Is our improved hitting just another pink bat?

Or, are we just a ordinary team in a weak division like all the ESPN guys think?

Luckily, we have Jake the Snake (killer?) going tonight.

Now listen up you other eight scrubs, I want perfect defense and discipline at the plate. Methodically wear down their guy all night long.

Pads must support their stud in this National League West Statement Game Smack Down!

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. I hear the Snakes farm system is rated number 1. Hear that Sandy, Better get to work.

2. Linebrink giving up dingers is alarming. Last year, a 4-5 lead was a cold steal, masterlock, lock cinch in the eighth. Linebrink threw one too many fastballs. Somebody talk to him.

3. Dear Mr. Padre baseball catcher, in the future always throw the ball to first on a third strike in the dirt even if the umpire indicates out.


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