Tuesday, May 09, 2006

9 in a Row!

Wow, Maddux was off a bit last night but the Padres took a methodical (Gywnn-like) approach to hitting him, taking hacks early in the count and looking to drive the ball up the middle. Roberts was hot stealing bases, walking, hitting triples, and even Old Mike started to warm up with two hits and an RBI.

Face it folks, the Padres are a team firing on all cylinders and its great fun.

Brew Crew Come to Town
According to the UT, the Brewers lead the league in HRs. Well, they have come to the right place, because PETCO is near the bottom in HRs allowed. The Brewers were just swept by the Dodgers in LA so they are coming in a little flat like the Cubs.

Game Preview: Union-Trib and Joundal-Sentinal.

The Standings
Like I said yesterday, this 9-game win streak is great but its only served to make up for a lousy start. We are still in third place 1.5 behind Snakes and 2.5 behind the Rocks who just keep winning.

Road record is 9-4.

Home record is 8-11. A swept of the Brewers and our home record is a mere 500. That is how bad our start was.

Standings are here.

Petco Curse v Petco Ball
We here at PM International are getting ready to retire the Petco Curse. I guess that witch doctor knew what he was doing, although I been feeling a little cold lately. A better word for the type of offense needed here is Petco Ball, a phrase coined by a UT sports writer.

Roberts, doing a post game interview last night, made reference to the Padres "proving that they can hit at Petco," or something like that. Its a small ball park, hit and run, steal bases, singles up the middle, pressure the defense and pitcher Park, have a plan at the plate Park, only smart hitters need apply Park.

In the long run, Petco is gonna make the Padres better situational hitters where ever they play. The learning curve has been steep, but I think we have turned the corner.

Small ball v Long Ball
As noted the Brewers have the most HRs in the bigs (47 as a team). But this is Petco where we play Petco Ball, which is small ball to the max. So this series is gonna be interesting because it pits long ball against small ball.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. PM was dead wrong about last's game being boring. Its was completely the opposite. PM regrets the error.

2. Tony Gywnn was in the house last night. I wonder if the Padres invite him over from SDSU whenever Maddux is pitching. Tony hit like .429 against Maddux. Must know something.

3. Come to think of it, Petco would be the perfect park for a hitter like Tony. Maybe he should tag team with Mags as hitting coach.


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