Friday, May 05, 2006

Two Sweeps in a Row

Padres win last night with gutsy pitching from Clay Hensley (who got hit with a broken bat in the 2nd) and a three-run digger from Khalil in the 8th. The win is the fifth in a row, completes two short series sweeps (SF and LA), puts the road record at 9-4, gets us out of the cellar into 4th place, and puts us just two games from a 500 record. Wish we could play on the road all the time.

Coming Home - Da Da Da Dum
Ok, we played great on the road and now we have to play great at, gulp, Petco too. Witch doctors and voodoo practitioners aside, lets keep the Mo going at home and forget that we play in the worst hitters park in baseball.

Tonight, CHP and Zambrono face off as the struggling Cubs come in for a four-game set.

Should be a large crowd tonight as many Cub fans live in SD.
Game preview: UT here.

Cub Bloggers
They are depressed about the recent slump. Here's a few tastes:

Go Padres

Padre Mike


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