Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Three in a Row

Padres beat SF 5-3 to win 3 in a row, take a short two-game series at Phone Company Park, see Cameron hit his first HR, watch Trevor get is first save in a while, and see the Padre offense start to really warm up. Oh, and Barry hit another HR.

At the Dodgers Tonight-Previews
Hey, this is fun! Now its off for two in LA.
Beat LA, Beat LA.
LA Times

Union Trib -Camron's first HR as a Padre and of course, Linebrink's 3-2 pitch to Barry.
North County Times -its all about Barry, and the home town paper too.
Extended Standings -don't look now, really, don't look, but coupla more wins are we are oughta the cellar.
Ducksnorts -reviews a book about management and baseball. Where does the guy get the time.

Deadlines loom, so I'm making it short today.

Go Padres

Padre Mike


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