Friday, April 28, 2006

Frumpy and Grumpy

Padres play LA in a SoCal Smackdown Showdown weekend series that always gets the crowd fired up. The Dodgers are 10-12, two games out of first in forth place and the Padres are dwellin in the cellar. Dodger blogs are filled with injury talk. Colleague at work who is a big Dodger fan doesn't hold out much hope for his team either.

So, should be an exciting weekend of well-played baseball, no?

But grumpiness aside, I'm hoping the vets (Giles, Piazza, Cameron, Vinny) start making contributions at the plate (i'll take anything, walks, getting hit, catcher interferance) and that the young guys (Greene, AG, Barfield), relax a little and hit the ball. If the hitting comes around, even a little, we could win a couple from the lowly (but not as lowly as the Padres) Dodgers.

If not, fire Dave.

"Its only April" is the refrain I hear all the time on sports radio about the Padres slow start. Ducksnorts points out we had a similar record at this time last year before reeling off a terrific May and then hanging on for dear life.

But fans are not buying it. In this market you gotta win or we're headed to the zoo, Balboa Park, Old Town, Julian, Wild Animal Park, beach (kinda cold), Mission Bay, Coronado, Gaslamp, desert, LA, OC, Vegas, Mammoth, Big Bear, surfing; well, you get the point.

Attendance is off nearly 5K from last year according to the UT. The UT also have a nice poll asking fans about the Padres.

Guess who fans would pay to see the most after Peavy (number 1). Khalil Green. Didn't know so many screaming middle school girls were also Padre fans.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Got a comment on the blog the other day. I was so excited. Turned out to be spam. Blogging is a long slog.

2. Got my profile up and a picture taken at The Field. Lousy picture, but this is a lousy blog, so at least we have consistancy.

3. Have not heard one caller on STR (sports talk radio) say anything about Dave Magadan. So I'll say it hear (were I know nobody is listening), if the bats remain cold through this series, Dave has to be called out if not fired outright.


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