Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Went the Game, Had Fun, We Lost

Frustrating Game

Took the family to the game at a cost of about $135 including dinner at the Field and four $18 View tickets (we splurged, usually I'm a tight wade). But the game itself was terrible. Camron was the only player to do anything. Not sure what the problem is other then the Padres don't hit at Petco. Other teams hit. But not the Padres.

We have won just three games at Petco. We are 3-9 at home, folks. 5-4 on the road. The place is a mausoleum, its the new Candlestick, the mistake by the lake. It a nice a park, but we can't hit there.


1. Name a baseball park where you can watch planes on final approach. You can see them from the third base side as the fly over Balboa Park into Lindberg (and they want to move the airport, gees).

2. Cold and Windy. Our seats were behind home in the "View" section. Reminded me of Candlestick park.

3. Wondered if the park alignment was chosen because of the WMS building whose southeastern edge provides the left field foul line.

4. CHP pitched a great game, lost it a little in the fifth, but made it to the ninth. Pitching duels at field level are fun, but in the cheap seats, they are boring.

5. OTOH, view seats are great! You really can see everything. Great view of the city. Nice people up there too.

6. Cameron's double, steal, and run scored was a one man wrecking crew while the rest of the team seemed to take the night off.

7. Numbers to remember in case your son/daughter asks:
19- Tony Gywnn

I'm embarrassed to say I only got a couple. They are retired Padre numbers that appear at the top of the scoreboard. Little help.

8. LOBs: Padres-3, Az-6. Normally I would scream because of too many LOBs, but last night the Padres had 1 until the 9th. that's even worse.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

Game Pictures
When I figure out how the hell it works.


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