Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bean Ball Inspires Padres to Win

Ok, Sunday it was a pitching collapse in the bottom of the ninth to win, last night it was the beaning of Brian Giles in the fourth against the Giants that fired up the team for ten runs and a 10-2 win.

Only question is, how many more bruises can Giles take for the team to keep the bats going. After all, he only has, presumably, two butt cheeks.

Mirabelle Traded
Mirabelle was traded back to the Redsocks. Apparently, he catches Wakefield's knuckleball like no other and wasn't too happy here after we aquired Mike.

The Boston Globe says (registration req):

"How badly did the Red Sox want Mirabelle back? The police escort was ready on the tarmac when he disembarked from his plane at 6:48 p.m. He dressed in the car. He breezed through the clubhouse, put on his equipment, and headed to the field. He caught Wakefield's first pitch to the newly villainized Johnny Damon -- or, as he's known at WROR, ''Juan Damón" -- at 7:13."

Meanwhile we got a catcher named Bard who caught Peavy last night and got a hit. We also saved some $$$ and aquired some pitching.

Ducksnorts has the lowdown.

What They Said
SDUT has some insights into the Mirabelle trade and some interesting numbers when Giles gets plunked.

The SF Chronicle chronicles Wright's deterioration after hitting Giles.

NC Times tells us Peavy hit Bonds on the pinky finger, while Giles got hit in the butt.

ESPN could care less about the Padres but they love Boston.

The Schedule this Week
Not sure what problems schedule makers have when creating the schedule but this is an odd week. The Giant series is only a two-game with a night game followed by a day game today. Maybe they couldn't get 30 hotels rooms for more than one night. Then its down to LA for two night games, then home again (no please not Petco) for a rare four game set with the Cubs that goes Fri - Mon. Huh?

Go Padres

Padre Mike


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