Monday, May 08, 2006

8 in a Row

Cool and yesterday's game actually had some hitting from both the Cubs and Padres. But ESPN still could care less. And Woody pitched 8 innings giving the bullpen some rest.

1. We now know Khalil can hit, too bad there are not more day games of the schedule.

2. Padres are now 1 game above .500

3. Padres are a game closer to a .500 record at home (7-11) . If we win out on this home stand (runs tonight through Wed, the last three again Mil), we could have a .500 home record.

4. Padres find a catcher who can hit-Bohen.

5. The sun finally came out at Petco yesterday afternoon and it looked great. Wish I was there, but I can't afford $130 to take my family to the game.

Note to tourists: San Diego has sun all year round, except for May and June.

6. I just saved a ton on $$$ on my car insurance.

1. Piazza aint' hitting, yet.

2. Greg "the phoenix" Maddox goes for the cubs tonight-Translation: low scoring, boring game.

3. My Blog is still screwed up, but having viewed my latest hit counter results, no one is reading it anyway.

4. The Rockies are playing out of their heads (19-13) and lead the NL West.

Tonight's Game
Maddox (5-1), you may have heard of him (Christ, he's my age, 40) battles Chris Young, he of the cold thumb. Cubs are still not hitting at all in their current slide and Maddox is sure to flummox the Pads in a night game of Petco. Bring your coats and a New Yorker or two. I predict the return of Petco Ball, big time. Could be wrong though. Lets get number 9.

Go Padres

Padre Mike


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