Friday, May 19, 2006

No Stats, Please

As an English major who barely, and I mean by a whisker, passed college stats, I naturally avoid them like a construction site porta-potty. But I do love the Baseball Standings.

The standings are basic, kinda like 1+1=2 to BB stat heads, but for guys like me, they tell us all we need to know about our team and the league.

Lets see, what can we surmise from the standings: Here is the extended standings from CNN/SI

  • Padres in first by .5 game over the Az and in first place.

  • Seattle, the team we play over the weekend, ain't doing so hot at 17-25, last in the Amer League West.

  • Every team in the NL West is playing above .500, so much for a crappy division.

  • Pads at home are 10-12, but 13-6 on the road. This represents the poor, poor start. But I think we have turned the corner on Petco. The curse may be gone.

  • Pads are 7-3 in the last 10 games. Good stuff.

  • Pads are 9-1 against the NL Central. Seven of those wins are from the Cubs.

  • Pads are 13-3 in day games, 10-15 for night games. Must be that Petco plays better during the day. Are you listening Sandy?

  • The Giants (21-20) are in the NL West basement, but just two games behind the Padres and tied with the Dodgers.

  • Rockies are one game back. Its a tight race in May.

  • The Detroit Tigers (remember them) are 27-13 (best in the bigs) with the White Sock close behind at 26-14. Little perspective never hurts.

See boys and girls, baseball stats can be fun.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. 11-1 in the fifth on Wed night in Phoenix, got a phone call from my sister in Portland. Got off the phone and it was 14-10, Wha happened?

2. Missed a few days out of sheer blogger depression. Blogger depression occurs when you know nobody reads your stuff and you think, "why bother." Bloggers who can overcome the deadly disease of Blogger Depressive Syndrome (BDS), learn to accept the utter futility of their ramblings. I'm feeling better now.

3. Greene an all-star, why not, except that no has ever heard of the guy outside SD and All-star games are mainly East Coast players.

4. Love Safeco Field, ain't never been there, but they tell me its nice. Lets see a little Petco Ball at Safeco.


At May 21, 2006 10:43 PM, Blogger Geoff said...

Re: #2, you've made some great strides there in accepting your condition. ;-)

Seriously, keep at it; we all have bouts of BDS from time to time. I would tell you it gets better, but I'd be lying.

Now if we can just do something about that defense...


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