Monday, May 22, 2006

Ms Sweep Padres

Well, we got swept by the Ms. We played poorly, pitched even worse and got beat by a forth place American League team.

We are now just two games above 500 and in 4th place, two games out of first in the NL West. Standings here.

And It Don't Get Any Easier

The next 9 games see the Atl and St. Louis at home, followed by the Rockies in Coors Field. It could get real ugly if the Pads don't tighten the damned defense and start playing Petco Ball again.

True Pad Fans

But in the finest sense of being a true Padre fan, when the team is loosing, me and my family are doing something else is this activity-driven town. How bout a 15 mile run around Mission Bay. Then a nice breakfast at home with the kids, some coffee and the Sunday paper. Then a trip to the Y for some tennis and swim in the pool while mom works out. Add to that some progress on the home improvement project of installing a new closet in the MB and then dinner at Souplanation. Then it was home for the usual Sunday night chores of homework, trash, baths and a movie.

Padres, we don't need no stinking Padres.

And believe me folks, that was nothing in this town on a Sunday. The Padres will have to play a lot better to compete with San Diego on a Sunday.

Go Padres

Padre Mike

1. Boy, did it rain last night or what. Left the damned skylight open in the bathroom, came in about 4 am, naked, bathroom was all wet, I'm trying to close the skylight, can't see because the bathroom light is blinding me, but finally got it closed. Wow, rain in May, stays mainly in the plain.

2. Could we really lose the Chargers? I think so, if a deal can't be struck by Dec. Padres got Petco right in the nick of time.


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