Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Padres Beat Braves

Mike Thompson, the 25 year old minor league vet called up when the 38 year old Major League vet, Woody, got hurt, threw a second quality start despite a positively anemic Padre offense of two hits compared to his last outing in Az when the Padres got 9 runs before the rookie even took the mound.

Thompson has become the Padres new stopper, that dominating pitcher who through sheer force of his will, ends losing streaks and puts the team on his back in hard times. Heh.

Petco Curse
The PC has returned as Padre hitters struggle to make contact, struggle to get hitter's counts, struggle to hit dingers, struggle, struggle, struggle.

If things don't change soon, I'm gonna bring back the witch doctor.

And guess who is coming to town? Mr. 23 homers (as of last night) himself, Albert and his Cardinal crew, a real good ball club by any stretch. So tonight would be a good night to lift the PC and start hitting again.

Basement Talk
Looks like the Dodgers are now the surging team in the NL West, having won 5 in a row and climbing from the basement into second place. The Padres are in the basement 2.5 games back. Is that really a basement? You want basement, check out the Pirates, 15 games back of the Cardinals. Or the Marlins, 14 games back of the Reds. Now that's basement time. But the NL West is still up for grabs and it seems right now, the team that gets hot, climbs to the top. Right now its the Dodgers.

Go Padres

Padre Mike


1. Chipper Jones (who names their kid chipper?) had a crucial and unlikely error at third base that got the Padres a second un-earned run. That don't happen often.

2. Petco Curse? Well, apparently the Braves pitcher never heard of it, because while the Padres don't know which end of the bat to hold these days, Juan Sosa jacked a BOMB into the left field seats last night to give the Braves their only run. Guys, you hold the skinny part of the bat with your hands and use the fat part to hit the ball with.

3. Jerry Coleman is back for the home stand and he's sounding great and even a little frisky. I wish Ted would not patronize him. I'm sure he doesn't do it on purpose, but it sounds like it on the radio. Go Jerry.


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