Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A No No, I Didn't Know

Chris Young nearly pitched a No No last night against the pesky Rockies. The Padres won the game 2-0 and Young pitched the no no into the 8th inning and the place was rocking.

Padre Mike turned on the TV in the 8th and was happy to see Chris still in the game and the Padres with a 2-run lead. Then a Rocky gets a hit into right field and everyone gets real depressed.

PM was like, why? Then I realize, being the sharp dude I am, that the hit I saw was the first hit against Young in the game.

Oh well. Sorry to jinx it for you, Chris.

Day Game
Day game today and I wish I was there because its sunny and nice. But, we corporate monkeys will have to watch via Gameday and talk via Ducks IGD.

Important Game Because...
1. Put us three games over 500 before we hit the road to Pitts and Mik.

2. End of the first two months of BB and an important assessment point for the Pads. Three games above 500 would be nice.

3. Currently tied with the Rocks and we need to move ahead of them.

4. Clay needs to prove that he can be consistent.

5. Winning makes Padre Mike feel better.

6. We want to stay in the Hunt. 3.5 back isn't too bad and Az can't continue to play so well, but we don't want to get too far back.

7. Keeping the Mo into the day off at home is always great.

8. We deserve to win because we are nice people and this is a nice town.

Go Padres!

Padre Mike


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